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Shell ClubSmart is now Shell GO+

Make every journey a plus with Shell GO+ Application

Download the Shell GO+ app today. You can now enjoy rewards faster and easier, included collecting points/stamps, special offers, treats and surprises.

Download Shell GO+ Application Click

Existing Shell ClubSmart member can now migrate to Shell GO+

Simply login to Shell GO+ with your Shell ClubSmart card number. Your personal information & your point will be transferred to Shell GO+ account.

Existing Shell ClubSmart migrate to Shell GO+, Click here >

Shell ClubSmart points will be automatically transferred to Shell GO+ account after the member complete the migration to Shell GO+.

From 24 September 2020 onwards, After you have migrated your Shell ClubSmart account to Shell GO+. Your Shell ClubSmart points will be transferred to new Shell GO+ and you will be able to use your points on Shell GO+ program. Anyway, you can still use your Shell ClubSmart physical card to earn points but not applicable to redeem Fuel discount.

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