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Shell Bonus Card Customers

Register Shellsmart.com to enjoy a $50 Shell fuel voucher for every $1,500* accumulated spending. In 2016, eligible purchase includes gasoline, Shell Select Convenience Store purchase, Pacific Coffee and pastry, 3M car Care Service, lube, and car wash service,etc.Enjoy 25% extra rewards with Shell V-Power Nitro+!

Easy registration steps. Click here for demonstration video.

Don’t have a Shell Bonus Card yet?

Getting your Shell Bonus Card is easy. Submit an application form to obtain your card on-the-spot to enjoy instant discount. You will receive an email from Shell within 2-3 weeks after submitting the application form. You can click into the link, set up password, update contact details, and choose your preferred voucher to complete Shellsmart.com registration.

*Net of coupons
Terms and conditions apply.

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